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1:1 Coaching by design

What is BridgeWing Coaching?

BridgeWing coaching starts with clarity. You'll work with your coach 1:1 to get a clear picture of yourself and begin to explore what's possible from a place of curiosity. 

Your coaching experience begins with a BridgeWing Design Sprint. You're welcome to include your "team" or your session can be 1:1. 

Following your personalized design sprint, you'll meet with your coach twice a month to deepen your creativity and innovation capabilities while you take action towards the vision you've designed. 

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What is a coaching sprint?

Maybe you have a tight timeline to transform your vision. Maybe you feel a weekly cadence will help you maintain your momentum more effectively. There are a number of reasons to choose this intensive coaching experience, and you'll still kick off your coaching journey with a BridgeWing Design Sprint (1:1 or with a "team").   

You'll meet with your coach weekly for 1-3 months while you take action to rapidly pursue your vision.

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