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Jessica Agnew

BridgeWing Founder

Coach | Facilitator | Program Designer

 I am a Navy veteran. I am a team-builder and professional coach. I am a corporate learning and development program designer. I am a wife and mother. I am a world traveler and adventurer. I am an athlete. I am a lark. I am a lifelong learner. I am all of these things, all of the time.

Navigating my way to a deep and thorough understanding of each aspect of myself while exploring how they align with my values and life purpose has profoundly accelerated my career.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to apply my passion for team effectiveness and coaching in the military, the corporate environment, and as a professional coach.

What is BridgeWing coaching?

Inquiry based

My belief is that people are naturally creative and resourceful. I am your co-pilot, here to help you navigate your journey of growth with clarity and confidence. During our time together I will listen deeply, respecting you as the author and expert of your own life. I will ask questions to bring about clarity for you and challenge your perceptions and assumptions when it will serve your purpose and goals.

Forward looking

BridgeWing coaching maintains a focus on the horizon. While your past will be honored, the majority of our time together will be spent focused on the present and future. This will allow you to unlock your potential and create momentum towards your goals in an unencumbered way.


My coaching is geared towards any professional in their career journey; however, I have seen the most impact to those who embraced a holistic approach since life is rarely compartmentalized. As your coach, I will help you harness and strategically utilize all aspects of yourself to surpass your professional goals. BridgeWing coaching is tailored to your personal values and journey.


Everything discussed in our coaching sessions is completely confidential. This confidentiality will allow you to do the honest and deep work that is necessary for true growth. I follow the professional ethics and standards of conduct set by the International Coach Federation.

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